An application was sent to for a refusal to receive a universal electronic card and step-by-step instructions on how to do it. The authors of the letter claim that many citizens have already left the UEC on this application.

to the authorized organization for
issuing, issuance and maintenance of UEC
in __________________________________________
(The subject of the Russian Federation)
(name of the organization)
(postal address)

To the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
125993, GSP-3, Moscow, A-47, 1. Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 1.3

OJSC „Universal Electronic Card“
119021, Moscow, str. Timura Frunze, 11, building 15

from ________________________________________________
(full name)
passport issued by _____
residing at: ___________________

in case of refusal to obtain a universal electronic card

By right provided in paragraph 5 of Art. 26 of the Federal Law “On the organization of the provision of state and municipal services”, I refuse to receive a universal electronic card (hereinafter referred to as UEC) and do not give consent to the processing of my personal data, which is conducted by art. 9 of the Federal Law „On Personal Data“. For this reason I need:

not issue the UEC in my name and, if already issued, cancel and destroy the personal data entered in the UEC database;

not to refrain from processing my personal data, including the data referred to in this application, nor from merging data about me from departmental databases or through cross-departmental access to them;

Keeping the traditional way of recording data about me by surname, first name and patronymic and paper workflow for the implementation of all social, economic and other rights, keeping the traditional form of documents establishing the right to pensions, benefits, medical care, etc. without using identification numbers;

send me written confirmation that all of the above requirements have been met.

„____“ ______________ 2014


Step-by-step instructions:

Find out the coordinates of the authorized organization for issuing, issuing and servicing UEC in your region on the site (service points).

Bring the UEC Denial Form (UEC Denial Form for Children) to an authorized organization. Please note receipt on the second copy

or send the UEC Waiver Application (UEC Waiver Application for Children) by registered mail to the three addresses indicated therein

An application for an exemption from the UEC can be made until January 1, 2015. After this period, the UEC will be issued to all citizens who have not applied for it and who have not rejected the card by default.

Antrag auf Befreiung von der UEC

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